California grown. My parents, my sister, and my friends were the proverbial roof over my head. My mom and dad are amazing and always provided a warm and safe place for me to learn, make mistakes, and grow. I am blessed. Still, I saw the states and the cities I lived in as just pins on a map and there were so many more stops to make. As I got older, I realized I never felt like I belonged in one place because I belonged in ANY place. I made my own life; I was only as stuck as I decided to be or as free as I wanted to be. In the same grain, learning that my inner happiness only related to me made me.....well, very happy! So my happy became very healthy and my heavy started to slough off. I became stronger and broke free from the chains that anchored me to the weight of insecurity and depression. Once I was free of my anchors, I jumped off a cliff that felt like quitting my job, I jumped out of a pit of self pity that tasted just like Caramel Cone Haagen Daz, and I jumped onto my yoga mat with an open heart. My spirit grew exponentially traveling, trying new things, and learning about other communities, the people within those communities, and the diversity and generosity this world has to offer. These strangers full of possibilties painted a picture of forgiveness and love that has changed me. The world opened up and created a place in time where I could forgive myself for bad choices, wrong turns, hurts I caused or allowed, a moment to reconcile and love again. Not just others, but myself. A way to move forward with fresh energy and awareness. Similarly, visual art and photography have also allowed me the opportunity to move on and connect with people in ways I otherwise wouldn't have been able to. I am so very grateful for that and I will continue to use this privilege to spread love wherever I am able.


    On a lighter note...


    I dream of a world where teleporters exist, hate doesn't, and love letters are only handwritten. Most of my enthusiasm is fueled by sharing an everyday kind of love with my man and our pup Prim. Outside of them I find balance with spinning, art, yoga, my sister, my three nieces, my newest little nephew, and swimming.







  • MY MoTTO

    The more we try to understand one another the more open we become to loving not just each other, but ourselves.



    Spread LOVE wherever you may go, LET NO ONE ever come to you 

    without leaving a LITTLE HAPPIER. - MOTHER THERESA

    local photojournalist, designer, and yogi

    Seventy 7 Studios

    Visual Artist & Photographer Jul 2014 – Present

    Creative Collaborator with Small Businesses, Photojournalism, Birth Photography, Traveling Photography, Landscapes, Stock Photography, Headshots, Portraits, Family, Event, and Lifestyle photography


    Commissions welcome - murals, personalized paintings, digital art


    Visit www.seventy7studios.com. Or click on a link below to see what's happening.

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